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Hair is messy. Hair is neat. Hair is curly. Hair is straight. Hair is tame. Hair is wild. Hair is fine. Hair is thick. Hair is black. Hair is white. Hair is everything in between.

Hair is all these things. As are you. As are your experiences, dreams, hopes, fears and beliefs.

Hair is so much more than cut and dry.

Your hair tells a stori.

The stori of you.

You are unique. Your hair is unique. 

Hair is one of your most impactful, architectural and articulate identity markers, along with the way you dress and the way you choose to carry yourself.

Between them, Nancy and Anthony have focused their research, craft and expertise to help you express your individual style. They believe that conventional one style fits all hairdressing is outdated, and takes you further away from your beautiful, authentic, iconic self. 

By appointment only.

58 Spencer Street, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham, B18 6DS.